I am Morten Grantzau, a Free Agile Agent™ / Professional Fixer (CSM), based in Aarhus (DK).
I thrive on agile frameworks, building distributed development teams,
drinking black coffee and enjoying Ukrainian smiles.


My focus is to build, manage and coach distributed software teams in order for them to be more productive, come closer to their respective businesses and write better and more sustainable code. I build teams using trust, honesty and compassion, and I believe that the best teams can become even better with very little effort.

"What ever gift God gave me, for what ever reasons, I’ve used it to its full potential" — Jeff Porcaro, Toto

Selected client experiences

Dynamicweb · SimplySo · GoApplicate · WhiteAway Group · Boligportal.dk · Ciklum · Amplex · Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten · Yuri Arcurs Photography · Navlestreng.dk · Friends of Ed · Café Rohdes · Medieskolerne Viborg · Photographer Casper Dalhoff · Aarhus Tech · Brandts Tæpper · Eskape LTD · Klematis Publishing · Grafikka · ScrumIt

Public appearances

  • Aarhus Tech:
    Bridging from elementary school to ATS
  • Ciklum, Dnipropetrovs'k:
    What to expect from a nearshore business
  • Ciklum, Dnipropetrovs'k:
    Distributed teams & Estimation
  • Aarhus Breakfast Seminar:
    Agil Udvikling På Distancen
  • Medieskolerne Viborg:
    Scrum & Agile development in basics
  • Ciklum Clients Network Groups