Hello folks,
I am Morten Grantzau.

My purpose in life is to
inspire those who inspire others.

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Who I am

I am an induvidual with an great insight in people and collaboration.

Why do you get up in the morning? Why does your organisation exist? How can the right mindset and the right approach help you? When you think, act and communicate starting with your belief in a purpose or a cause, you can inspire others.


The Agile Mindset is the core of my belief. The value- and impact driven approach where people come before numbers. The culture where we can inspect and adapt to the changes that happens realtime in the world around us - regardless of method, framework or religion.


In a world that has only grown smaller, the popularity of distribution is overwhelming. But why does some succeed while others fail miserably? Why are some teams and some organisations destined to become a multi-cultural entity while others can't even get outside the door? I know why...


Leadership is a choice. It's not a rank or a title. It's hard work and for any leader to have longterm success it requires courage. There are many types of leaders and not one is the "right one". But they all have one thing in common - Followers.


To serve as an inspiration for those who inspire others is the greatest thing I can achieve. I get inspired by everything that happens in the real world and I constantly encourage people around me to do the same. Disconnect, got out and feel the inspiration - and learn! We don't know what we don't know.

What I Do

I care more about the people than the numbers - you should too.

The core of my belief is the people I meet every day. The people I work with and the people I live with. The people I love, the people I follow and the people who leads me. But most of all - The people who inspire me. The following six values sums it up for me.


Trust is a feeling. We cannot ask people to simply trust each other - it doesn't work this way. We have to create all the externals in order for our team or organisation to feel the trust. When we believe in the same things and when we see the same vision in our heads, we start to form trust. And with trust comes innovation, loyalty and corporation.


Corporation is one of those feelings that we need in order to connect on a deeper level. As with trust, we cannot instruct two people to corporate. Corporation (and trust) comes from the simple concept of believing what those we engage with believe.


Loyalty is one of the things that good leadership will reflect. With loyalty your team or organisation proves to each other that you are united and that you believe in the same values. You understand the direction in which you are going and together you are loyal in order to achieve exactly that.


Safety in one of the requirements of trust and corporation. With safety I mean that you need to be able to go to work and do the very things that you are good at. You need to feel the support from the people around you and you need to be able to bring your utmost potential to the fullest. Safety is an essential part of the way we live our lives.


People are always striving at finding "happiness". But happiness is a short-lived feeling. We can be happy when we win the lottery or when we meet our goal, but it's still short lived. What we should aim at, is fulfilment. The pleasure of going to work in the morning and coming home and feeling that we did that thing that was needed. Spreading that energy to our loved ones will make all of us more fulfilled.


My engagement with my clients, partners and people around me are longterm. I believe in investing effort, energy and love into these relations so that I understand more, learn more and can do more - together. I believe in the commitment and the passion that I share with people around me to become longterm investments in relations, processes and people.

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Get in touch and let's inspire together. Together we can make your great organisation even greater.

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